Charity Work

Dr. Philip Openshaw was recently in the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS) blog. The article talks about Dr. Openshaw’s reasons for becoming a dentist, his favorite (and least favorite!) aspects of dentistry, the biggest challenges of dentistry in today’s ecomony, as well as dental mentors. Read the full article here.

Below is an article and pictures of Dr. Openshaw‘s most recent humanitarian trip to Africa:

africa-charity-modesto16-year-old Carol has never visited a dentist, despite having dental problems she suffered silently. Her family was too poor to afford dental expenses. They do casual jobs for survival, and Carol used to sell second-hand shoes to contribute to family income. Always in and out of school because of health and financial problems, Carol dropped out of school. Although Set her Free stepped in to help Carol with her education, she still carried on with her silent pain.


Girls like Carol continued to suffer until Dr. Phil Openshaw and his team of dental hygienists Katie Cottrell and Alisha Cleaver visited Uganda to offer free dental services to SHF girls. Carol was one of the beneficiaries whose silent pain was cured. With teary smiles she has been offered a new expression of a great hope and bright future. Carol couldn’t stop singing and dancing when Alisha and Katie visited SHF home in Kawempe. Like Carol, 30 girls benefited from these free services. We also truly thank Katie and Alisha, who promised to help sell SHF Products in USA and also promised to try to visit SHF girls to provide free dental care every year. Each smile is a big ray of hope for a brighter and healthier future. Dr. Phil, Katie and Alisha, thank you so much for your great heart of sacrifice! God bless you so much.