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Most offices you call or visit in Modesto might not offer you exactly what you want or need. It’s most likely that you’ll be referred to another office for different treatments, and then by the time you’re treatment is complete, you’ll have visited 3 or more offices. Dr. Openshaw’s office provides orthodontic treatment in their office, meaning they do not have to refer out to other offices for any part of the work!

They are also premier providers of Invisalign, meaning they’re able to provide Invisalign as an alternative to traditional wire-and-bracket braces. Although not 100% of all orthodontic cases qualify for invisalign, nearly all do, and for most people, the treatment is much quicker and easier that way.

Another thing to consider is the time and cost required to complete your orthodontic treatment. On average, most people are able to complete Invisalign treatment in under 2 years, whereas many traditional braces cases will take longer than 2 years, possibly even up to 4 years. The reason for this is that you can swap out your Invisalign trays every 2 weeks on your own without visiting the Orthodontist’s office, whereas with tradition braces, you need to visit the office for any adjustments made.

Most Invisalign patients can go 8 weeks without seeing the Orthodontist, meaning you can get your treatment without having to miss work, school, or any other daily obligations or activities as often. We know almost everyone would prefer to cut back on time required for treatment whenever possible. With Invisalign, you stand the best chance of getting treatment done faster and with less time commitment in completing your treatment.

At Dr. Openshaw’s office in Modesto, you’ll be able to sit down with Dr. Openshaw to learn more about Invisalign, and best of all, your initial consultation is free! The office is newly updated and includes all of the newest orthodontic technology. We complete work ourselves in office, including initial scans and x-rays. You don’t even have to suffer through making a putty mouth mold, because our scanner can do all the same work more quickly and accurately than a physical mold would every be able to.

In case you’re in the Houston, Texas area, you’re welcome to visit our partner office of Dr. James Blackburn, an orthodontist in Katy, TX.  Of all of the orthodontists in Katy or even the greater Houston area, Dr. Blackburn is one of the most skilled and most educated of all of his peers and completes hundreds of new Invisalign and braces cases each year.

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